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Apparel design in fashion refers to original design and concepts in clothing manufacturing(from fabric to clothes).  Our apparel products are built as per your original design and manufacturing requirements.
We specialize in women’s apparel design and manufacturing, hence we are experts at making: dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, pants, coats, tops, or any other women’s clothing item. Whether official/business wear, casual or sportswear – we are here for you.
If you can imagine it and draw it, make an order and we will make it for you!


At this phase, design concepts are formulated into the conceptual layout on design boards. Your unique design begins to come to life at this point. The design boards allow us to better understand your unique design features and highlights.

We understand this can be a very stressful part of the process, this is why at Tosin Fashion all our experienced apparel designers are available to help you fine-tune your design features by offering you their invaluable insights on what works and what doesn’t. This way you are guaranteed an apparel product that is fashionable in today’s market hence your apparel brand will be profitable.

03. clothing pattern design

On the design board, we also add both interior and exterior patterns that make your apparel design unique. Let be honest nothing makes any clothing stand out like custom-crafted clothing patterns.

04. choosing the right apparel fabric

Choosing the right cloth fabric is the initial step of the clothing manufacturing process. You consider the following when choosing the fabric :

  • The color of the fabric.
  • The quality of the fabric.
  • The cost of the fabric.
  • We check if the material of the fabric is appropriate to the outfit(example linen is perfect for casual wear while the breathable fabric is good for sportswear.)

As experienced clothing manufacturers we understand that choosing the right fabric can be the beginning of something beautiful or the beginning of where things took a wrong turn. We are here to guide you in making the right choice.

05. clothing manufacturing

Once all the design features are agreed on, put down on the design, and the fabric is selected, the actual clothing making process begins. This process includes cutting the fabric to the different customized sizes and parts which are then sewing together to my apparel outfits.

We use new and innovative clothing manufacturing techniques, that guarantee reduced fabric wastage hence the production cost remains low.

Tosin fashion is the perfect clothing manufacturing partner for you. We are a one-stop clothing factory from china, our team of clothing manufacturing experts will focus on providing you with high-quality apparel clothing products while you focus on growing and keeping your fashion brand profitable.


Quality is at the heart of all our operations. All of the staff are well briefed on the company’s quality aim and quality control policy. We understand all the product quality requirements for each country and have set your quality standards well above to guarantee you don’t encounter any quality issues at customs.

Our quality control policy guarantees that:

  • Order quantity ordered – will be received in full(if you order 100 pieces then you will receive 100 pieces.)
  • 100% fit to size.
  • No stains.
  • No loose or errors in stitching.
  • Quality packing.
  • No branding errors.


We have partnered with regional and international courier companies to ensure we ship your order to you as soon as it’s done.

we have the following modes of shipping :

local shipping :

  1. Regional road shipping – cheap – available for all our clients in China.

International shipping :

  1. By Air – this shipping mode is fast takes 3-5days to receive your order but is fairly costly.
  • By sea – it is cheap and takes longer (ship worldwide within 20 to 25 days.)

Which mode you choose, we will choose a fairly priced and reliable courier company, to guarantee your order arrives fast and in perfect condition.


At Tosin fashion, we have a customer care team that is available 24/7 to all our clients. They will answer all your inquiries, concern and provide you with a detailed report on how far along your order is. Feel free to contact us today!